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We have been serving smiles through our online courses since 2018. We started as a platform, sharing our artisan vegan chocolate, raw desserts, and plant-based cheeses for online learning.

Our mission was to share our passion for plant-based, healthy decadence. As we poured our love into our products, our online community at Deli Devi began to grow. We expanded from a platform into a virtual space to welcome learners into a relaxing environment to experience our magic and learn how to make delicious vegan cheese.

Our online course is a hub for creatives, learners, food enthusiasts, health-conscious individuals, and those seeking plant-based culinary knowledge to gather and share.

Our products support a healthy lifestyle – we choose whole, high-quality, and locally sourced ingredients to create our recipes. Our list of sweet treats is made with an extra dash of love – no sugar, all natural!

Here at Deli Devi, we are not just a chocolate and cheese factory, but we are inspiring a brighter future – determined to encourage mind, body, and spirit optimization!


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no sugar - all natural

whole, high quality and locally sourced ingredients

Our products support a healthy lifestyle


Made With Love

Plant Based - All Vegan

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We hope you will join us SOON to experience the heart opening effects of our ceremonial cacao or something from our wide selection of one-of-a-kind vegan products! Stop in for smoothie bowls, slow-cold-pressed juices, a matcha dalgona, cofffee/tea, raw desserts, homemade nut-butters, & a variety of our handmade aged vegan cheezes.

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The Heart of Deli Devi


Hi! I am Jéromine from Deli Devi.

My passion for cooking started very early, in my mother’s kitchen. This passion for mixing ingredients together brought me to study chemistry at university. With this background, I continued my experiments in the kitchen. My cooking creations evolved as my diet slowly changed – vegetarian to vegan. I was looking for a more ethical way of living and better health and wanted my food to reflect my personal values.

As I grew up in a cheese-lover country, it was not an easy step to give up on cheese and let go of this distinct world of flavors, smells, and textures. I tried to find substitutes and tested many recipes I found online for vegan cheese. However, none of them brought me the satisfaction I was looking for… The taste was there but the texture, surely not!

Passionate experimentation led me to discover that I could age cashew nuts in the same way milk is aged in the process of cheese-making. I got fantastic results that amazed my family and friends! I am continually creating new cheese recipes and trying to reproduce all the favorite flavors in a way that supports a healthy lifestyle and simultaneously satisfies cravings.

Deli Devi, my boutique, vegan cheese & chocolate factory was then born online. It very quickly bloomed and became a platform where people can indulge without guilt in high-quality, artisan, plant-based products! Cheese, sweet treats, cacao, chocolate, cakes, coffees, smoothie bowls, & more – all served with an extra tbsp. of love!

I hope to welcome you to our Deli Devi online community or share my passion through virtual workshops and our online courses!

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