Deli Devi opened its doors in January 2019 as a small deli sharing artisan vegan chocolate, raw desserts and plant-based cheeses for take-away. Our mission was to share our passion for plant-based, healthy decadence. As we poured our love into our products, our family at Deli Devi began to grow. We realized the importance of an inviting atmosphere to bring people together – friends, creatives, visitors, foodies, families/kids, artists and entrepreneurs – to enjoy and share. We started with just 8 seats and developed our first cheese and cacao menu. Since then, we continue to evolve and grow with the demand of our healthy indulgences. Our cafe now accommodates 60 people and continue growing each year. In 2021 we began offering online courses, teaching people worldwide how to create our signature aged cashew cheeses, sweet treats and plant-based meals. We are so happy you are a part of this delicious journey with us!


Hi! I’m Lior, co-founder of Deli Devi!

I came to Koh Phangan focusing on self-growth and yoga, and I met Jeromine. Both of us being yoga teachers and sharing a passion for healthy lifestyle, the spark of Deli Devi was created. Jeromine focused on the creation of delicious recipes and I contributed my passion for entrepreneurship, leadership and development. From the cafe expansions to the online courses, the continuous growth of our cafe is an exciting and delicious journey I am so grateful to be a part of.


Hi! I am Jéromine from Deli Devi.

My passion for cooking started very early, in my mother’s kitchen, and as my diet evolved, from vegetarian to vegan, I began getting more experimental with my recipes. I grew up in France, a cheese loving country, so finding a dairy-free alternative with equivalent flavor, smell and texture was an exciting journey. I discovered that I could age cashew nuts in the same way milk is aged in the process of cheese-making and I got fantastic results that amazed my family and friends! Deli Devi was born as a place to share my cheese creations and it has continued to grow and evolve with other passions like cacao and savory plant-based meals. We’ve created a delicious menu from the heart, inviting atmosphere to bring people together and online courses to inspire people’s culinary confidence worldwide. Thank you for connecting with us, and we wish you a tasty, unforgettable experience!