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Now You Can… Enjoy “Real” Award-Winning
Using the 100% plant-based
techniques Deli Devi is famous for.

Finally – “Gourmet Cheese” is back on the menu. Now, you can enjoy…

100% Plant Based and Guilt-free!

Finally – Enjoy the complex and
full flavors of aged cheeses like…








… Plus, how to make your own signature aged cheese.

The No-Dairy Secret

t’s a little-known secret…

You do not need dairy to make award-winning gourmet cheese…

Because – The distinct flavours of “aged cheese” do not come from dairy. (More on Cheese Science in a moment).

But it gets better…

Because the award-winning techniques I’m about to share with you, make aged cheese… Which tastes better than dairy!

This award-winning plant-based aged cheese is truly gourmet food in its own right.

If you are a little bit sceptical…

Don’t worry – I understand. (At first, I thought this was too good to be true, too)…

… Especially if you have tried the terrible “imitation cheese” from the stores. Yuk!! That stuff is horrible!! Enough to make anyone give up all hope altogether…

Today – I’ll clear up the misconceptions for you…

In a moment, you’ll understand why you (probably) haven’t had this type of cheese before…

And why most people who give up dairy, will (probably) never taste real cheese again.

This Is Different

The gourmet, aged cheeses I’m going to share with you today are different.

If you have never tasted gourmet cheese like this – Then you do not know what you are missing out on. But one thing is for sure…

You Are Missing Out!!!

Stop that today!!!

… And get ready to do your “cheese happy dance”.

Because when you taste this full flavour plant-based aged cheese. You will instantly know for yourself, why so many people say this cheese is superior to dairy.

Finally – You can enjoy your most decadent cheese dreams once more.

All 100% plant-based and guilt free!!


The best thing?…

This cheese is actually a superfood for your gut health!

As you know, your gut is home to your immune system. And also plays a vital role in your body’s production of your “happy hormones” – Dopamine and Serotonin.

This superfood helps boost your entire health and well-being. Plus, this is lower in cholesterol!

So it is better for losing weight and lowering blood pressure. And it does not have the same hormone issues – or the guilt, which comes with eating dairy.

So you can now improve your health and total well-being – One delicious mouthful after another.

The Secret To Cheese Which Tastes “That Good”

The secret is in the artisan, small batch methods I developed from my Deli…

And now, you can use these artisan, small-batch methods to make the award-winning cheese my Deli is famous for.

Classic aged cheese, like…

Mature Cheddar ++ Aged Parmesan ++ Cashew Blue ++ Truffle Cheese ++ Cumin Gouda ++ Camembert ++ Smoked Gruyere ++ Plus More…

… You’re going to get more than 107 cheese variations. I’ll show you how to go beyond “classic aged cheese”. So you can even make your own signature creations!!

Discover The Cheese Tastes “That Good!!!”

When I discovered “how to age” plant-based cheese… It changed everything!!

It quickly led to the launch of my Deli… Then as the demand for this cheese kept growing – I began selling it to restaurants and hotels…

But more and more people kept wanting to learn how… So since then – I’ve taught hundreds of others how to make this cheese in live workshops.

That is how much people love this aged cheese!!

This cheese literally tastes “that good !!”

And soon…

Your friends and family will be giving you rave reviews – Just like the rave reviews I get every day.

Hi, My Name Is Jéromine.

Deli-devi Jeromine

I’m the French master chef… The artisan cheesemaker… And the owner of the award-winning Deli – called “Deli Devi”.

My Deli is famous for its plant-based chocolate and aged cheese…

And today, I’d like to give you the secrets to my award-winning plant-based aged cheese recipes.

So, from the comfort of your own home…

Now You Can Enjoy
Award-Winning Aged Cheese.

Using the same 100% plant-based methods my deli is 🏆famous🏆 for.

The Secret To Gourmet
Plant-Based Aged-Cheese

Most people don’t know this…

When made the right way, plant-based cheese is gourmet food – in its own right.

It has the distinct “real” aged cheese flavours which we all know and love. And truly… tastes better than traditional dairy cheese.

… Because the “real taste” of cheese does not come from dairy ingredients.

Aged-Cheese Is Like Fine Wine

It takes fermentation time for the flavours to develop

Like a fine wine, aged cheese gets its complex flavours from traditional “slow fermentation” techniques…

Delidevi - chees yum

Special types of bacteria and yeast are used to break down the base ingredients – And this “fermentation” slowly shapes cheeses’ characteristic sharp and tangy tastes.

These complex and characteristic flavours of aged cheese need time to gradually “mature”…

And when using plant-based ingredients. We need to adapt the fermentation method, to create the right mouthfeel which we desire…

This is both an art and a science. And fermentation can even be dangerous if the correct safety protocols are not followed.

Thousands Of Years.

This approach to cheesemaking is thousands of years old.

Humanity has been fermenting food since the Neolithic age…

Today we know the science of how fermentation makes food like sourdough bread, wine and cheese taste so much better. And why it also helps to keep us alive.

In fact…

The word cheese originally comes from the word “Kwat”…

The word cheese originally means “to ferment, and become sour.”

So when we talk about cheese. We are talking about using traditional fermentation methods, to create complex sour flavours.

And those traditional fermentation methods can create better-tasting cheese flavours, when we use plants for the base – instead of milk.

This is how we can use plants to make gourmet aged cheese.

Instead of dairy – We can use nuts, seeds, and other plants to make the base.

… And when these fermentation methods are applied in the right way – The flavours of plant-based aged cheese are superior.

Like Fruit

The flavour of aged-cheese needs time to ripen

The fermentation process cannot be rushed…

It’s a natural process. And mother nature takes her time. Cheese fermentation is a slow journey.

The sweet spot is to let your cheese mature for about 4-6 weeks… (Although if you prefer “younger flavours”, it can be enjoyed sooner.)

This requires a regular loving touch…

Not only to take care of the flavours as they blossom… But also, this is how you create cheeses with the right feel and texture.

This needs to be done by hand – Which is all part of the magic…

Just a moment of care, every day or so is enough. This means artisan cheesemaking is perfect to do from home. But…

This is also why you can not find cheese like this in the stores.

Big Factories Can Not Mass-Produce This.

This is really important for you to know!

This is why you can not find “real, fermented” plant-based cheese in the major stores.

(And perhaps… why you might not have ever tasted “real” fermented plant-based cheese like this before!!!)

You see, the food industry is aggressively competitive. They can not afford to use slow and loving artisan cheesemaking methods.

Major food producers have high costs. And need to achieve economies of scale.

Furthermore, they must adhere to strict regulations. And need to eliminate variability from their supply chain.

Simply put…

They are not competitive enough if they use proper artisan fermentation methods.

This is why they need to find synthetic shortcuts…

They “Fake" The Real Flavours
Of Fermented Cheese.

Major food producers need to use hyper-processed food hacks…

To be competitive, they need to fake the real “flavours and feel” of real plant-based cheese.

… That’s why they add acids, artificial flavourings, thickeners, and other highly-processed ingredients.

It’s a sad truth –

It’s just too difficult and expensive for large-scale food producers to use the proper handmade fermentation techniques required…

… But with plant-based cheese – Their shortcuts simply don’t work.

You can feel and taste the difference – And it doesn’t taste good!!

As almost anyone who has tried “imitation cheese” from the stores will tell you…

“Imitation cheese is dreadfully disappointing!!!”

If only they knew the truth.

Those people are being disappointed by fake cheese!!

But what’s worse…

… They think all plant-based cheese tastes “fake” like that – Not true!!

Most people don’t know there is a major difference between “fake” and “real”, fermented plant-based cheese.

Because actually…

When created with real fermentation techniques – artisan plant-based cheese is truly a gourmet food in its own right.

But the “real, aged cheese” flavours can only be created by handmade fermentation methods…

“Real Cheese” Can Only Be
Made By Hand.

That’s the only way to get the distinct “real cheese flavours” that we know and love.

And this is all part of the true origin of my deli…

In the early days – It took a lot of time and effort to discover the right techniques…

But when I figured out the proper artisan methods – My home cooking was instantly transformed… and friends went nuts for my cheese!!!

Soon I opened my boutique deli – Then quickly started to get a lot of orders from local restaurants…

So we launched a small factory to meet the demand… and learnt the limitations of why making this quality of cheese is only possible in small batches.

Quality is our most important value!!

We also had a lot of requests to teach this amazing skill. So we started to run cheesemaking workshops.

To our surprise – Despite how expensive these workshops were to run, the demand kept on growing – And we continued to receive more and more requests from people in other parts of the world.

So we knew what we had to do…

And today, I’m so happy to invite you to join…

Deli Devi’s
Aged Cheese Masterclass

Learn Artisan plant-based Cheese Making.
Enjoy The Real Flavours Of Aged Cheese Again.
All From The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

You’re going to get a lot from this online program. So let’s start with a quick summary:

Part 1

The Artisan Aged
Cheese Masterclass

Online Cheesemaking Course.
Where you’ll learn to master 7 types of classic aged cheese.

Part 2

Beyond The

Expand beyond the classics with these 107 Cheese Variations.
And learn to make your own unique, signature cheese.



The Deli Devi Cheesemaking Community
There to support and celebrate with you, every step along the way.

And Free Gifts!!

The Cheese
Genius Guides

Learn the science of cheese boards…
How to pair your cheese with food and wine…
And how to create luxury cheese boxes and gift hampers.

And more

The “Centre Stage”
Hosting Guide

30 Perfectly balanced recipes to serve before and after your aged cheese course

Transform how you share, give or sell your cheese to others!!

part 1

The Artisan Aged
Cheese Masterclass

Online Cheesemaking Course

You no longer need to travel around the world…

Now, you can experience my aged cheese cooking course… and master artisan cheese making… all from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Each video is professionally made, with beautiful video and high-quality audio that you will love.

Each video in this course will take you, step-by-step through the entire process of making fermented plant-based aged cheese.

You will clearly see all the essential details for yourself, which is important because this craft can not be truly learnt from recipes or books.

You will love the clear explanations and demonstrations in this video course. And the ability to see everything happen for yourself.

You’re going to get lifetime access to the course. So you will be able to watch each step again and again.

So there’s no need to worry about remembering all of the important details!! You can simply come back, and watch each step again – anytime in the future.

Simply sit back, watch, and enjoy learning how to make fermented aged cheese.

Master 7 Classic
Types Of Aged Cheese

Mature Cheddar

Complete with all the trademarks of classic mature cheddar…

You'll love her farm-like kick, with a buttery undercoat… Followed by a smooth, lingering, nutty sweet aftertaste. This cheddar will make you jump with joy.

Aged Parmesan

An absolute must for all Italian food lovers!
br> This full-bodied parmesan packs a strong umami punch. Ideal for grating over pasta, on soups and risottos, and shaving over salads

Cashew Blue

Known to convert blue and non-blue lovers alike!
Enjoy her slightly spicy tang and firm texture, which is broken by the blue-green mould veins that run throughout.

Truffle Cheese

Tender and smooth, with an expensive imagination. A luxurious fairy tale of cashew and truffles.

Her oaky aroma dances amongst lighter sweet and juicy notes. This nutty truffle cheese will make you feel oh-so carefree and happy-go-lucky.

Cumin Gouda

This Cumin Gouda always gets eaten so quickly…
You’ll get sweet milk butterscotch flavours, with a little tang – everything a great Gouda should bring to the table. But underneath… The cumin gives you deep, hearty, rich and warm gifts.


Truly French in flavour.
Your new Camembert is both comforting and an extravagant experience…
She has the perfect balance between decadent caramelised butter, with a slight hint of foraged mushrooms. Her aftertaste is almost tangy.

Smoked Gruyere

Gruyere? GRU-YEAH! This is Gruyere but not as you know it…
Your Gruyere will be creamy and nutty when young, with a distinct fruity tang - Which becomes more assertive, earthy, and complex as you let her mature.

But what makes this Gruyere so unique, is how she’s infused with rich, warm, smoked flavours. Truly a remarkable cheese!!

107 Cheese Varieties & Your Signature Cheese

So, with the online cheesemaking course – you will have mastered 7 classic types of aged cheese. And this is when things get really exciting. Because…

Without a doubt – The most exciting cheese you will ever make, will be…

Your own unique, signature cheese!! 🧀🧀🧀

With this bonus – You’re going to learn how to make more than 107 varieties of cheese…

So you will be fully in control of the flavours your cheese guests will enjoy…

What will your signature cheese be?

Will your signature cheese be fruity – maybe with dried apricot or cranberry?…

… Or perhaps imbued with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and other warm-earth herbs and spices?

Maybe your signature creation will be more advanced?…

… Perhaps using techniques to change the texture and aromatics and colour?… with wine-soaking?… Or even using flavoured ash for your rind formation?

… Maybe you’ll move beyond nuts and seeds to make your cheese base… And even start experimenting with other types of bacteria, yeast and homemade ferments!!

This is your launchpad.

There is an entire world of possibilities waiting for you to create…

This will open the doors for you. So you can go beyond the aged cheese classics. And make your own award-winning creations!!

And of course – The Deli Devi Cheesemaking Community will be there to support and celebrate with you each step along the way!!

The Deli Devi Cheesemaking Community

The masterclass is only the start of your journey. And we’re going to be with you every step of the way. Because…

You’re also getting lifetime access to my Cheesemaking Community on Facebook!!

So if you have any questions at any time in the future. You will always get the support you need.

This is where the fun really begins. Because cheesemaking is so much more enjoyable when we make it together with others!!

This community is your fun and supportive space!!

This is where we will come together to share and celebrate our new creations. And where we can all gain inspiration from each other.

We will support you in every step along your journey of artisan cheesemaking mastery.

The Cheese Genius Guides

Get ready to boost your Cheese IQ and
become a cheese Genius!!

Pairing Cheese With Food & Wine

The magical thing about cheese is the special abilities it gives you. So you can transform any meal, dessert or glass of wine into a truly memorable experience…

This pairing guide goes beyond “simple suggestions”. And will reveal the principles of cheese pairing. That way you will know how to think about cheese pairing for yourself.

So you are fully in control!

You will have the power to make cheese magic – unique and personal for every experience.

Cheeseboard Science

You’re now ready to share your cheese with others…

And this guide lays out the art and science of cheese boards for every occasion.

So whether you are serving a cheese course before dessert… creating a cheese and wine dining experience for two… Or even sharing a party platter for your friends…

You will know the exact anatomy of irresistible, photo-worthy, cheese boards – every single time.

Gift Hampers and Box Sets

One thing is for sure…

When word gets out about your new cheese creations – Everyone will be begging you to make cheese for them too!!!

So could there be any better gift… Than a beautiful cheese gift box!!

With this guide, you will master the art and craft of creating unforgettable gift hampers.

Everything from wine, crackers and condiments… to ideas for charcuterie boards with cheese cutlery… and other small gifts that complete your hampers – Fun!!

The Plant-Based Hosting Guide

Now that you have mastered plant-based aged cheese…

… It’s time to invite your friends to join you for a cheese celebration. And what better way to impress your friends – than to share your cheese the traditional french way!!!

The cheese course is classically served “centre stage” – Presented after the main meal, and before the dessert. And this hosting guide will make your evening flow like magic…

Giving you more than 30 ideal 🌱plant-based🌱 meal and dessert combinations, to work around your cheese course.

This ensures you have perfectly balanced meals which work in harmony with your cheese. Elevating your course to its full heavenly glory!!
I’m so excited for you!!!…

You are about to master aged cheese from your kitchen… and go beyond the classics – to create your own signature cheese.

You are about to become “The Cheese Genius” amongst your family and friends. And create profound dining experiences for them.

You will have unique abilities to transform any ordinary meal or glass of wine, into a special event!!

You’re about to join our Cheesemaking Community too!! (And I can’t wait to hear you share rave reviews from your family and friends.)

But the thing I’m most excited about, for you, is really quite simple…

I’m excited for when you taste how delicious this 🧀aged cheese🧀 is for yourself.

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to my, 100% risk-free, special offer.

The Plant-Based Hosting Guide

Until recently…

This masterclass wasn’t available online.

… Until recently, your only option was to participate in one of my live workshops, which today, start from $499.

(You would also need to travel to Thailand – Where I live. Which would cost you a lot of time, in addition to travel and accommodation costs…

… Which has cost some of my previous students upwards of an additional $3000).

Now, that’s a lot of money – And not everyone has the time to travel the world, and spend that kind of money on professional training like this.

My mission is to empower you.

My mission is to help you to share this amazing cheese with your world.

That’s why I’ve put so much effort into making this affordable and accessible way for you to have all of this – all from the comfort of your home.

Because this isn’t about making money. And I don’t want the price to stop you from enjoying this beautiful craft…

So today – You no longer need to spend $3499 to travel to Thailand, and join one of my live workshops…

In fact – Today, you no longer need to spend even half of that…

Because, today…

I’m making all of this available for you for $67

That’s less than $1 per day to enjoy the art & craft of making gourmet aged cheese everyone will love!!

Today you can start your artisan cheesemaking journey, from the comfort of your own home.

Instant Access
From Any Device - Anywhere in the World
Start TODAY!

Access everything now for just $67

What Happens Next

When you click the buy now button, you will first be asked to confirm your email.

Then you will be taken to our secure checkout page. From there you can complete your purchase using either PayPal, debit card, or credit card.

You will then instantly be able to access everything online. All of your access details will be sent to you via email immediately.

In case you have any questions, at any time. You can always email me and my support team Support@DeliDevi.Com. We will be happy to help you.

No Catch – No Strings Attached.

This is my sincere invitation to enjoy the best cheese of your life!!

Now I know, this might seem too good to be true.

If you’re like me, and you’re sceptical of buying things on the internet, then I want you to know…

There is NO CATCH!

Try Today – 100% Risk-Free

180-day Money-Back Guarantee


I want you to feel 100% confident to try this for yourself. And then make up your mind if this is right for you.

That’s why I’m giving you 180-days to make up your mind.

I’m 100% confident you will be blown away by each and every aspect of everything you’ve got here today… So I’m more than happy to offer you my unconditional guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied – for any reason – with any aspect of your purchase – Then I insist you have a full refund.

If there is even one single cheese within the entire collection that you don’t like – Then I insist you have a full refund.

Even if one of your family or friends is anything less than blown away by a single recipe – Then you can have a full refund.

Even if you buy the program, then change your mind. I’ll happily give you a refund.

I truly mean it – I’m committed to 100% customer delight.

So if you are not satisfied – for any reason – Just let me know.

Simply, email my support team (Support@DeliDevi.Com) any time within 180 days of purchase to let us know, and we will provide you with a full refund.

Instant Access
From Any Device - Anywhere in the World
Start TODAY!

Access everything now for just $67

So go ahead and order now.

The best cheese of your life is waiting for you.
See you inside the Facebook group.
Yours in food and friendship,

Jéromine Navi
Artisan Cheesemaker and Master Chef,
Owner of Deli Devi

PS. Remember – You have my full unconditional money-back guarantee. You and your family will fall in love with each and every single one of these cheeses.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied. I will cheerfully refund your full purchase price any time within 180-days of purchase. Just email and we’ll take care of you immediately.

PPS. Please remember to share your testimonials with us –- We love to hear how much of an impact these recipes have made for you and your family!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need special equipment?

You will need a high-speed blender. Most of the popular blenders will do the trick. We share some of our favourite blenders inside the course. Along with links to make it easy for you.

You probably already have most of the other equipment you need.

There are some small items you may need to buy. But they are cheap and easy to get online. We give you a full equipment list with the course. Along with optional links to make it easy for you to buy anything that you might not have.

Do I need special ingredients?

You will need to buy specific ingredients for the fermentation. These are easy to buy online. And we share links to make this easy for you.

You will probably have most of the other ingredients. We give you a full list of ingredients inside the course. And they are all easy to find in major stores and online.

What is used instead of milk?

Instead of milk, we make this cheese from a base of cashew nuts. Then later, you can experiment with combinations of different types of nuts, seeds, legumes and other plant-based ingredients.

The special fermentation and ageing methods we use to create the “real” flavour and texture of gourmet cheese. You need to try this for yourself!

What is fermentation?

Fermentation is where aged cheese gets its distinct delicious flavours!

Special bacteria are used to break down our base ingredients. This creates a combination of acid and alcohol. With our cheeses, we give them 4 – 6 weeks so the flavours can fully mature and develop.

Is fermentation dangerous?

It can be – If you do not follow the correct sanitisation process.

We will show you the proper method so your cheesemaking is safe. You will know exactly what to do. And we provide additional support inside of the cheesemaking community.

What type of cheese will I make?

The core video course will show you how to make 5 types of aged cheese: Mature Cheddar, Truffle Cheese, Cumin Gouda, Camembert and Smoked Gruyere…

We also recently added written instructions for 2 additional types of aged cheese: Aged Parmesan and Cashew Blue.

In addition – You also will get a written guide on how to create variations of this cheese…

Everything from changing the base ingredients you use in your ‘matrix’… Using different types of bacteria for the fermentation… And how to take your cheese “beyond” – by using different types of herbs, species, fruits, and more. All of which will change the flavours, aromas and textures of your cheese.

This is a lot of fun!

Does this taste “real”?


In fact – many people say it tastes “more real” and “better” than dairy cheese. Truly gourmet cheese in its own right. You need to try this for yourself!!

And we respect and support your opinion too – Because taste is a personal experience. We fully support you in your final decision about how this tastes.

You are fully in control – If you think this is not “real”. You can have a full refund.

Is it hard to do?

It is easy enough to get started – so your first cheese will probably be an instant hit with your friends and family.

But mastery will take time and practice…

This craft is both an art and science that will take some time and experimentation – which is the magic and fun of this beautiful craft!!

What if I don’t like it?

You are fully protected and in control.

If there is anything that you do not like, then no worries!

Just write to our support email and you can have a full refund. 

What if I change my mind?

You can have a full refund!

Just write to support and we will instantly give you a full refund. No questions asked.

I have nut allergies

Then this is not for you – Sorry!!!

The base of this cheese is nuts. This is not suitable for anyone with nut allergies.

Is this suitable for vegans?


There is one ingredient substitution if you are vegan – Which is to use a vegan probiotic (strain acidophilus) instead of a mesophilic starter. This is easy to buy from your local pharmacy or health store. And also, this is easy to buy online.

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