Founding Story of DD

Founding Story of DD It all started with a great love of ours (and maybe one of yours, too): really, really excellent cheese. Jéromine, our head chef and founder, grew up in France, where cheese was a staple of her diet. As she got older and began to get into intuitive nutrition and a healthy… Continue reading Founding Story of DD

Why We Love Plant-based Diets

Why We Love Plant-based Diets When it comes to real health, it’s all about longevity. Better health. Overall better life quality. Renewed vitality and improved mood, digestion, and sleep. The benefits of going plant-based are vast; and in recent years, people all over the globe have gone plant-based. Some simply are adding more vegan or… Continue reading Why We Love Plant-based Diets

Local Ingredients

Local Ingredients Eating seasonally and locally is a holistic and ancient way of eating. Its roots in Ayurvedic traditions tell us that this way of eating is natural and fundamental to a truly healthy diet that helps us stay connected to the place we call home. Here on Koh Phangan, we have a naturally abundant… Continue reading Local Ingredients