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Deli Devi

Beyond The Masterclass

Finally – “Gourmet Cheese” is back on the menu. Now, you can enjoy…

The full flavour and mouthfeel of mature cheese
The complete cheese board experience
Perfect pairing with your favourite wine

From the Kitchen of Jéromine…
Koh Phangan, Thailand

Jéromine Navi

Owner of Deli Devi, Plant-Based
Chef & Artisan Cheese Master

I’m the French master chef… The artisan cheesemaker… And the owner of the award-winning Deli – called “Deli Devi”.

My Deli is famous for its plant-based chocolate and aged cheese…

And today, I’d like to give you the secrets to my award-winning plant-based aged cheese recipes.

So, from the comfort of your own home…

107 Cheese Varieties & Your Signature Cheese

So, with the online cheesemaking course – you will have mastered 7 classic types of aged cheese. And this is when things get really exciting. Because…

Without a doubt – The most exciting cheese you will ever make, will be…

With this bonus – You’re going to learn how to make more than 107 varieties of cheese…

So you will be fully in control of the flavours your cheese guests will enjoy…

What will your signature cheese be?

Will your signature cheese be fruity – maybe with dried apricot or cranberry?…

… Or perhaps imbued with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and other warm-earth herbs and spices?

Maybe your signature creation will be more advanced?…

… Perhaps using techniques to change the texture and aromatics and colour?… with wine-soaking?… Or even using flavoured ash for your rind formation?

… Maybe you’ll move beyond nuts and seeds to make your cheese base… And even start experimenting with other types of bacteria, yeast and homemade ferments!!

This is your launchpad.

There is an entire world of possibilities waiting for you to create…

This will open the doors for you. So you can go beyond the aged cheese classics. And make your own award-winning creations!!

And of course – The Deli Devi Cheesemaking Community will be there to support and celebrate with you each step along the way!!

The Deli Devi Cheesemaking Community

  • The Deli Devi Aged Cheese Masterclass”
  • The Deli Devi Cheesemaking Community
  • 107 Artisan Cheese Variations &
  • Your Signature Cheese Bonus Training
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This is my sincere invitation to enjoy the best cheese of your life!!

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So go ahead and order now.

The best cheese of your life is waiting for you.
See you inside the Facebook group.
Yours in food and friendship,

Jéromine Navi
Artisan Cheesemaker and Master Chef,
Owner of Deli Devi

PS. Remember – You have my full unconditional money-back guarantee. You and your family will fall in love with each and every single one of these cheeses.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied. I will cheerfully refund your full purchase price any time within 180-days of purchase. Just email and we’ll take care of you immediately.

PPS. Please remember to share your testimonials with us –- We love to hear how much of an impact these recipes have made for you and your family!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need special equipment?

You will need a high-speed blender. Most of the popular blenders will do the trick. We share some of our favourite blenders inside the course. Along with links to make it easy for you.

You probably already have most of the other equipment you need.

There are some small items you may need to buy. But they are cheap and easy to get online. We give you a full equipment list with the course. Along with optional links to make it easy for you to buy anything that you might not have.

Do I need special ingredients?

You will need to buy specific ingredients for the fermentation. These are easy to buy online. And we share links to make this easy for you.

You will probably have most of the other ingredients. We give you a full list of ingredients inside the course. And they are all easy to find in major stores and online.

What is used instead of milk?

Instead of milk, we make this cheese from a base of cashew nuts. Then later, you can experiment with combinations of different types of nuts, seeds, legumes and other plant-based ingredients.

The special fermentation and ageing methods we use to create the “real” flavour and texture of gourmet cheese. You need to try this for yourself!

What is fermentation?

Fermentation is where aged cheese gets its distinct delicious flavours!

Special bacteria are used to break down our base ingredients. This creates a combination of acid and alcohol. With our cheeses, we give them 4 – 6 weeks so the flavours can fully mature and develop.

Is fermentation dangerous?

It can be – If you do not follow the correct sanitisation process.

We will show you the proper method so your cheesemaking is safe. You will know exactly what to do. And we provide additional support inside of the cheesemaking community.

What type of cheese will I make?

The core video course will show you how to make 5 types of aged cheese: Mature Cheddar, Truffle Cheese, Cumin Gouda, Camembert and Smoked Gruyere…

We also recently added written instructions for 2 additional types of aged cheese: Aged Parmesan and Cashew Blue.

In addition – You also will get a written guide on how to create variations of this cheese…

Everything from changing the base ingredients you use in your ‘matrix’… Using different types of bacteria for the fermentation… And how to take your cheese “beyond” – by using different types of herbs, species, fruits, and more. All of which will change the flavours, aromas and textures of your cheese.

This is a lot of fun!

Does this taste “real”?


In fact – many people say it tastes “more real” and “better” than dairy cheese. Truly gourmet cheese in its own right. You need to try this for yourself!!

And we respect and support your opinion too – Because taste is a personal experience. We fully support you in your final decision about how this tastes.

You are fully in control – If you think this is not “real”. You can have a full refund.

Is it hard to do?

It is easy enough to get started – so your first cheese will probably be an instant hit with your friends and family.

But mastery will take time and practice…

This craft is both an art and science that will take some time and experimentation – which is the magic and fun of this beautiful craft!!

What if I don’t like it?

You are fully protected and in control.

If there is anything that you do not like, then no worries!

Just write to our support email and you can have a full refund. 

What if I change my mind?

You can have a full refund!

Just write to support and we will instantly give you a full refund. No questions asked.

I have nut allergies

Then this is not for you – Sorry!!!

The base of this cheese is nuts. This is not suitable for anyone with nut allergies.

Is this suitable for vegans?


There is one ingredient substitution if you are vegan – Which is to use a vegan probiotic (strain acidophilus) instead of a mesophilic starter. This is easy to buy from your local pharmacy or health store. And also, this is easy to buy online.


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