Founding Story of DD

It all started with a great love of ours (and maybe one of yours, too): really, really excellent cheese.

Jéromine, our head chef and founder, grew up in France, where cheese was a staple of her diet. As she got older and began to get into intuitive nutrition and a healthy diet, she started to phase out animal products, eventually going from vegetarian to fully vegan.

“If you are like me, our way of life made us take some conscious decisions, and give up the food we used to enjoy. For me, it was cheese.”

But there was one beloved ingredient to a life she didn’t want to live without: cheese.

Searching far and wide for the perfect vegan counterparts to her beloved cheeses, she wasn’t satisfied with what she was finding in groceries and from other makers and decided to try making her own. A background in chemistry plus a sense of joy in experimentation & love of food came together for an ongoing experiment in making her own high-quality plant-based batches of her favorite cheeses.

Initially, it was just for her and her family & friends. Soon, she was creating vegan cheeses that were even better than her beloved favorites (brie & gouda, mozzarella, and feta, to name a few), and it became a happy obsession. 

My passion for cooking started early in my mother’s kitchen. This passion for mixing ingredients together brought me to study chemistry at university.”

“Passionate experimentation led me to discover that I could age cashew nuts in the same way milk is aged in the process of cheese-making. I got fantastic results that amazed my family and friends!”

Jéromine, an avid traveler, decided to put down roots with her partner and kids in Koh Phangan, Thailand, to embrace a lifestyle built for health, wellness, and community. With her, she brought her favorite creation: her artisanal cheese. 

Did you know?

Vegan cheese:

Has healthy fats but no cholesterol 

Is non-toxic as it avoids eating the residues of hormones, bacteria, viruses and toxins contained in dairy products

Contains natural, high-quality fats and proteins

Has no colorants or chemicals

Includes microorganisms that are beneficial for intestinal flora ( a healthy gut!

Deli is in our name because it’s a foundation for what we are. When we first opened in 2018, Devi Deli was simply offering high-quality plant-based artisan cheeses and sustainably sourced and local raw and vegan chocolate. Jéromine’s vision was to share her passion for plant-based cheese and food with the island she had come to love.

These popular cheeses needed a home; and the deli was opened to provide people with a space to gather, enjoy plant-based cheeses and other treats. It became more than a deli but a spot where people come to drop in for hours, make new memories, and embrace a healthy and beautiful lifestyle with super nourishing superfoods and vegan delights.

Fast forward 5 years later: our humble deli on the paradise island of Koh Phangan is now a bustling gathering spot where people come from around the world to buy their favorite plant-based vegan cheeses, homemade vegan sauces, nut butters, ceremonial grade cacao, and enjoy smoothies & smoothie bowls, plant-based platters, ceremonial-grade matcha and more.

The plant-based community here on Koh Phangan has grown since our humble beginnings and now we’re part of a vibrant community of conscious eaters who delight in local, freshly sourced cuisine. We have a full roster and schedule for our online school, opened by popular demand, offering cheese-making masterclasses from Jéromine for anywhere-in-the-world plant-based cheese & chocolate-making education.

“For me, Cheese is a world of flavors, smells and textures. It is not much about what it is made of but more on how it is made. It is an art. It is a skill that transforms basic ingredients into a full-flavored product. I started to offer workshops into plant-based cheese-making that quickly became fully booked, with a waiting list. As the requests grew and came from all over the world, I decided to create this online course to share more widely this precious and rewarding knowledge.”Designed to be fun, easy to access for those new to plant based cheese making and recipes, our online cheese-making master course is one of our most known offerings. We get to reach cheese-lovers worldwide, and it combines all the things we love about plant-based cooking: local and fresh ingredients, simplicity, creativity and special cheese-making techniques. We get down to the details with how to create smoked cheese, curdling the nut mylks for authentic vegan cheese making.

Our 2 story location is full more often than not, and it’s a gathering spot for people from all walks of life, from digital nomads with their laptops to families enjoying a relaxed day of yummy treats.

Artisan vegan cheese crafted from locally sourced ingredients is still a staple for us, and our extensive cheese list includes vegan mozzarella, vegan feta cheese, vegan cheddar cheese, vegan smoked cheese, vegan cumin gouda, and ongoing spreads & seasonal additions. You can enjoy them in our platters, slathered on our toasties, on top of our soups or as spreads or to take-away.

A variety of local spices are added to our batches for flavorful mixes that include notes of smoked cumin, paprika, thyme, rosemary, cracked pepper and more.

Today, our base cheese line has expanded to truffle cheese and more seasonally flavored batches. We have several homemade crackers including oat and chia so you can enjoy your vegan cheese with gluten free options that delight your stomach. We use minimal ingredients in our recipe so you can crunch on these crackers guilt-free!

This cheese board allows you to sample a variety of our products and simultaneously satisfy all your savory cravings! We serve the Deli Devi Platter with three kinds of our homemade cheeses, house-made cream cheese, one slice of meatloaf, hummus or deli spread, our famous gluten-free crackers, and pickles.Founded on a sense of experimentation, community, and passion for delicious plant-based food, Deli Devi all began with someone brave enough to follow her bliss: making the perfect vegan cheese.