Local Ingredients

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.” Hippocrates 400 BC

Eating seasonally and locally is a holistic and ancient way of eating.

Its roots in Ayurvedic traditions tell us that this way of eating is natural and fundamental to a truly healthy diet that helps us stay connected to the place we call home. Here on Koh Phangan, we have a naturally abundant land rich with fruits, plants, vegetables, roots and more. And at Deli Devi we source locally whenever and wherever we can to honor our commitment to our conscious eating and business practices.

Natural allergens, plus non-modified food from local growers, means you’re eating in tune with the seasons and the location you find yourself living in. You’re deeply connected to the gifts of the soil of where you are. This has big benefits for your immune system, which gets healthier and adapts to the local environment the more locally you eat. You’re also participating in healthy economies of connection and reciprocity.

It’s only recently in our modern world that we’ve become divorced from our natural way of eating locally, and we see the cost of convenience everywhere. The ills of eating in a way that goes against our own nature shows up in obesity, health problems, mood disorders, and more. When we eat locally, we receive the natural elements of the soil and our immune systems benefit from it. Excellent nutrition really is that important. When we eat in accordance with the intelligence of nature, and our natural surroundings, we are eating in tune with the seasons and local environment and weather. In this way, our body receives what we naturally need. Naturally rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, a plant-based diet is good for your guts and your overall digestion. Plus, eating plant-based has major benefits for your skin. Many people find their skin naturally detoxifies as they go plant-based, and they get that “glow”.

We support the movement towards people becoming more conscious of their impact on the planet and how their diet can make positive changes both for their own body but also in the large community as well.

For us, this is a huge part of why we do what we do. We believe that with awareness everything can change for the better. And as people who came to plant-based eating out of love for ourselves and the planet, we love sharing that with others, too. We believe people intuitively know what is good for them and we want to make what is good for them accessible. Making it extra delicious is our biggest joy. 

We are blessed in that we live on an island abundant in natural bounty; and we source our produce, fruits and nuts from local sources. And as one of Thailand’s hot spots for vegans, our plant-based sourcing is on-point. Its economy is largely tourism and agriculture, and so naturally there is an ample supply of fresh produce and local vegetables and fruits. We support local farmers and growers in ways that are sustainable for them, making sure our footprint on the local economy is a good one.

On our menu, local ingredients outweigh the ingredients we (ethically) source from other parts of the planet. The ingredients we source locally are coconut-based products, cacao, produce, vegetables, fruits, and everything we possibly can.

We integrate local sourcing methods into everything we do, including in how we educate people in our plant-based vegan cheese and chocolate-making courses online. Recipes in our online baking and plant-based cooking school are geared towards people that want to learn to create full meals using fresh ingredients with their own local produce and fruits when possible.

Local sourcing from the southeast Asian paradise island Koh Phangan is an integral part of our conscious business practices that help us fulfill our personal mission for a more beautiful, connected and plant-based world. It limits our carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions as well as makes our local economy more prosperous. 

Our island has a bountiful overflow of fruits. Fruits such as mango, papaya, coconut, passionfruit, strawberries, dragon fruits, bananas, pineapple, watermelon are local treasures that grow organically in our paradise surroundings. Our smoothies and smoothie bowls as well as our desserts and more are made of these beautiful fruits.

Most of our nut butters and many of our desserts include locally sourced cacao. Our chocolate granola is made from oats and our crunchy, locally sourced, high-quality cacao. A blend of roasted cashews and our raw, organic, locally sourced cacao, our chocolate butter is a delicious spread to satisfy your chocolate cravings. We make our peanut butter in house and use raw, organic, locally sourced cacao for the creamy chocolate layer.

Coffee beans are also locally sourced and roasted here on the island, and our coffee drinks are crafted by our baristas to perfection. 

We source seasonal vegetables and gourds as well, creating soups, spreads and also infusing our items with local herbs and spices. For us, creating dishes with local ingredients is fun and part of the creativity that plant-based cuisine brings into our lives. We get to play with what’s available to us and what’s delicious. 

Each and every dish inside our deli is lovingly curated with all natural ingredients, and it makes all the difference in the world. By supporting a cyclical economy we participate in restorative practices that regenerate the local ecosystem.

With an overall increase in health in body, heart and mind, eating more plant-based meals is a must try for those looking to improve their overall constitution. When you add local produce and fruits, it gets even better. Whether you decide to truly leap into going fully plant-based or vegan, or simply want to add more plant-based options to your life, combining locally sourced items in your dishes is sure to delight both your taste buds and, improve your overall wellbeing!

Stop inside Deli Devi today and ask our friendly staff how you can enjoy a locally-sourced vegan treat or dish today!