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How to Enjoy
Delicious Plant
Based Cheeses
at Home...

Full of Flavor,
Nutritious & Dairy Free

Get access to simple recipes and experience the pleasure of Home-made Cheeses, Dips & Spreads.

This is probably the easiest way to enjoy healthy & mouth watering deli dishes & treats.

From the Kitchen of Jéromine…

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Jéromine Navi
Owner of Deli Devi,
Plant-Based Chef & Artisan Cheese Master

Hello Friend,

I’m happy to share my passion for Healthy cooking & Delicious Plant-Based recipes.

If you are like me, our way of life made us take some conscious decisions, and give up the food we used to enjoy.

For me, it was cheese.

Growing up in France, I loved eating our amazing cheeses, but once I became Vegan – I had to give it up.

It was only a few years ago when I really started missing it.

It wasn’t just butter on freshly baked bread

Or some Creme Fraiche on a slice of fruit tart…

But all the dairy-based delights I loved eating in my youth.

Mouthwatering Cheese & Cream Baked Potatoes – called “Gratin”

Aged Cheeses Like Cheddar, Brie or Gouda 

And my all-time favorite – “Cheese Fondue“

A family tradition that we would always enjoy in the winter

The problem was…

Not eating dairy made it impossible to enjoy these flavors ever again.

And the dairy-free replacements in-store always felt too processed, low in nutritional value, and just a disaster for cooking. 

let alone eating…

I knew I didn’t want to feed my family processed food from a box.

And although sometimes it didn’t look that bad… the moment I would bite into that vegan cheese – I would immediately get disappointed.

I didn’t know what to do…and I was reluctant to give up…

Luckily I found this method…

This Vegan Cheese tasted Just like home...

I was overcome with pure joy ... I finally made it!

My search for healthy substitutes to quench my longing for cheese sent me on a journey.

I think I tried almost any recipe from every corner of the internet.

Slowly but surely I was able to reproduce almost any cheese I loved from home

Velvety-smooth flavorful Cream cheese

Tangy and crumbly Feta Cheese

Melty stretchy Mozzarella cheese that just looks like the real thing

All made out of nuts and simple ingredients found in every home kitchen.

When I served them to my beloved family & friends – they quickly fell in love with these flavors too

I had to make more so they could share these wonderful flavors with their loved ones.

They couldn’t believe it was possible to eat such delicious and healthy plant-based cheese!

I knew I was on to something, but I could not expect what would happen next…

Seeing how thrilled people were to get a slice of our cheeses, my partner and I decided to open our first Deli store.

Deli Devi Cafe on the Island of Koh Phangan, Thailand.

A boutique deli with homemade plant-based treats, including both chocolate & cheese.

Very soon, we became the most popular and well-known health store in our area, mostly thanks to the cheese.

We started supplying restaurants and shops on a wholesale scale.

People kept on asking us how these delicious cheese were made – so we started offering workshops on plant-based cheese-making.

As the requests grew, locally and from all over the world, I knew I had to create this online course to share this precious and rewarding knowledge.

Deli Devi Presents

The Ultimate Guide To Plant-Based Cheese Making

An easy step by step approach to making Delicious dairy-free cheese - You Didn't Believe Could Exists

These 70+ amazing recipes are specially designed for the beginner cheese maker.
This means they’re so simple and easy, most take just 20 minutes to make

My goal is simple: to give you a better, tastier, more nutritious alternative to store-bought cheese.

In just a short time – You’ll discover that plant-based cheese is not a replacement – rather it is gourmet food, and as good (if not better) than the real thing.

and most importantly…

You will have a clear conscience.

knowing that you are making something that is healthy for yourself, and for the good of the planet.

Some of the delicious, 100% plant-based, recipes you'll learn how to make:

To just name a few...

All of the recipes are:

100% plant based

All natural ingredients

Easy to make

Dairy free

Low carb

Paleo/ Keto friendly

For limited Time Only

Get the complete recipe book and training
for a one-time payment of
just $17

"easy to follow with all the pro-tips, simplified in a bite-size format"


“At Deli Devi, I tasted my first plant-based cheese that tasted like real cheese. I fell in love and I knew I needed to learn how to make it myself.

All the recipes and directions are so easy to follow with all the pro-tips, simplified in a bite-size format.” – Anna

What Makes This Recipe Book So Unique?


In this guide, you will learn how to craft plant-based versions of everyday kitchen staples like:

Yogurt, cream cheese, butter, and milk
To soft cheeses like Mascarpone, Feta, and Ricotta.
And melting cheeses like Mozzarella, Cheddar, and Halloumi.

Most of these cheeses haven’t had a good plant based alternative…. until now. Thanks to this training you’ll finally get to enjoy these delicious & healthy treats.

Unique Flavour & Texture

Most store-bought vegan cheeses are made with low-quality ingredients and are highly processed – and are never successful in imitating cheese.

This guide will teach you how to use natural biological and chemical processes that give the unique flavor and texture and make even plant-based cheese… taste just like real cheese.

This way you don’t have to compromise on your health or on your pleasure of food.

Easy to Make Recipes

While there are many recipes around the web for vegan cheese…
We handpicked the best plant-based cheese recipes and rigorously tested them to help you produce the best results – even if you are new completely new to cheesemaking.

Most of our cheese recipes will take 20 minutes or less to make.

Not only will this recipe book save you time & money, but it will also help you get great results in no time.

Beginner Friendly

Even if you don’t have any prior experience in cheesemaking – you are guarantee to achieve great results. This training is a simple path for you to follow to kickstart your artisanal cooking journey.

We designed this training with you, the novice cook, in mind -with easy and small steps. with every recipe you’ll build the confidence to tackle more sophisticated recipes and methods.

Not only will you learn how to make the many popular type of cheese, but you’ll also learn different recipes to incorporate them. soon enough you will find it’s easy to make almost any cheese and recipe you can imagine.

Inside Every Recipe You'll Find

What Will I get as part of this training?

Over 70 unique recipes

all of them tried and tested by us. With such abundance - you'll never run out of way to impress your family and friends.

A step by step approach

Every dish is broken into step by step instruction that make it simple to succeed with your creation

Unlimited Lifetime Access

Our recipe library is constantly being updated with new types of cheese, recipes, and innovative dishes.

Join the Training Today and Get All These Amazing Bonuses

For Only $97.00

But don’t just take our word for it…

Here's what Our Students have to say about our trainings


I really enjoyed the course. Even with zero knowledge about the field, I was able to make super tasty cheese. Highly recommended, amazing teacher and super dynamic way of learning the Art of Vegan Cheese Making.
Sol, Argentina


The perfect and delicate Cheeses at Deli Devi always left us with a craving of wanting more of it. So when Jeromine released her masterclass I was the first to sign up.

The course gave me all the knowledge to make as much cheese as I want. Now I live in abundance!

Shani, Israel

Is this training right for me?

→ If you love cheese – Definitely!

→ If you are trying to avoid eating dairy – but you miss and crave cheese.

→ If it is hard for you to let go of the texture and flavor of cheese. or just love to indulge

→ If you feel that store-bought options are neither satisfying nor even similar to cheese!

→ If you want to follow a plant based diet – but a world without cheese is too hard to envision.

in any of these sound like you…
then this training is absolutely for you!

Not only it will satisfy all your cravings, but also take your skills in the kitchen to the next level.

but more than anything else – it’s just freaking delicious.

Fully Backed by our

Start making ridiculously tasty plant-based cheese today for a one-time payment of only $17!

Prove to yourself that eating healthy and consciously is possible, and doesn’t need to be that hard.

We’re extremely sure that this training will be an incredible boost to your joy of making and experience of eating plant-based food.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with this training – we’ll send you a complete refund, no questions asked.

Join the Training Today and Get All These Amazing Bonuses

For Only $17!

Yes, that is just a one-time payment of only $17

Everything is delivered digitally, so you can get started right away.

Again, this is a very limited time offer

By buying right now you are locking in this introductory price. We intend on raising the prices soon – so it is better to act now.

Once paid, you’ll get immediate access to our private members area.

So go ahead and grab your copy now by clicking the button below.

Bon Appetit!

Jeromine Navi

PS: I encourage you, don’t delay.
Keep in mind, you’re protected by our 60-day guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

One must-have piece of equipment is a blender.

A high-powered or high-speed blender will make the job really easy but it isn’t necessary. Any blender strong enough to blend softened cashews will do. We recommend blenders over 1400W in power.

Other tools needed are things you probably already have in your kitchen or that can be easily found in your local supermarket, kitchen supply store or online.

Most of our cheeses use cashew nuts and/or coconut, so we wouldn’t recommend the course to anyone who has a nut allergy.

If you can make a shake, soup or salad you probably have all the required skills to get started with cheesemaking

They’re also all on Amazon, and can definitely be found in health food stores like Whole Foods.

All the recipes in the course are gluten free.

All the recipes in the course are paleo friendly, except for one version of feta and halloumi cheese that are made with tofu.

Ingredients like oil, salt, sugar and flour are used in the program, but you can always adjust recipes to your liking when possible. 

We offer a 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. So that’s the easiest way to try it.

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