How to Host the Perfect Plant-Based Dinner Party

The ultimate guide to plant based French & Mediterranean Style hosting

From the Kitchen of Jéromine…

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Deli-devi Jeromine
Jéromine Navi
Owner of Deli Devi,
Plant-Based Chef & Artisan Cheese Master

Imagine this for a second…

It’s a warm summer’s evening, the mood is relaxed…

You’re having the best time with your closest friends…

Eating the most delicious selection of French and Mediterranean sharing plates and platters…

The aromatic flavors and exciting textures take you to a world of vibrant culture and heartwarming hospitality.

You may not actually be on holiday but it sure feels like it!

What’s more?

ALL your fabulous dishes are 100% plant-based and full of goodness!

Not only can you enjoy the rich tastes of Mediterranean food, you can also reap even more health benefits!

Rekindle your passion for cooking…

And bring people together by serving a slice of the Mediterranean lifestyle today!

Discover 65 Easy to make Recipes, like Plant-Based Cheese & Deli Platters, Fresh Salads and a variety of yummy dishes that will wow your guests.

They won’t even notice it’s vegan, and will definitely ask for seconds.

How do I know this?

Growing up in France, me and my family have always shared a passion for the incredible cuisine you find in that part of the world.

Every weekend and during almost every family dinner… we would sit together around the table for hours,
indulging in different french classics and some of our favorite mediterranean flavors.

I felt like we have all the time in the world together, eating slowly… appreciating every small bite of pure goodness, while sharing the joy of food with my family & our friends.

This is something that I think we are starting to lose in modern life!
Only later in life I realized how unique & special this was, and that’s probably the healthiest way not just to eat food, but to experience life.

With slowness, appreciation for the moment and surrounded with love (including in my tummy)

This is why the Mediterranean diet & lifestyle is considered so healthy.
But with time, as I transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle – I had to give up a lot of my favorite dishes that I loved eating.

Cheese, dairy, eggs and other animal products were no longer an option.

And the vegan substitutes in the store always felt too processed, low in nutritional value, and just a disaster for cooking.

Let alone eating…

I didn’t want to raise a family on processed food from a box (even if it was plant based)

Choosing the vegan lifestyle made it almost hard to enjoy many of these flavors again.

I felt like something was missing – the food I used to love so much.

So instead of giving up all of the joy of the mediterranean diet…

I started experimenting with creating the perfect plant-based alternatives to my most missed dishes.

French onion soup with melty gooey Cheese
Fresh salads with cheese like: greek salad with crumbly feta
Tzatziki Salad with fresh cucumber & tangy vegan yogurt
or cherry tomato salad with basil and fresh plant based Mozzarella.
And I really felt like I was able to create something great when I first saw a fully plant-based version of Gratin Dauphinois, potatoes baked in creamy and deliciously cheesy sauce.
Again, all without using milk, cheese, eggs or any type of animal products.
Only with plants and ingredients that can be easily found in every supermarket.
With simple recipes that produce incredible flavors – it’s easy to see how anyone can incorporate more plant-based options into their life – without giving up on gourmet food and yummy meals

Get Ready to bring incredible French and Mediterranean flavors Into Your Home

Whether you’re hosting a lively party or intimate family dinner, why not wow your guests with these authentic plant-based French & Mediterranean dishes?

Imagine indulging in mouth watering plant based cheese platters,  delicious soups like Spinach & Cheese Bisque, hearty Ribollita Soup and roasted pumpkin soup, 
classic vegan moussaka…and a whole selection of delicious dips and healthy snacks.
With more than 20,000 people who already went through our plant based cheese making course… nearly every day I get asked what new and exciting dishes can be whipped up using the cheese creations people have made…

My answer is always inspired by the origin of these classic cheeses – enjoy it the same way like they do in France, Italy, Greece, Spain and the middle east.
Cuisines that thrive on dishes like Tapas, Mazza or other savory platters, and cheese is enjoyed in almost every meal.

Soon… you’ll learn how to craft incredible plant based versions of that too.

But it’s more than just amazing flavors and super healthy ingredients…

For me, it’s a way of life, a way of connecting with my loved ones.

This is a chance to bring your friends and family together in a meaningful way with delicious recipes bursting with flavor that bring the Mediterranean lifestyle straight to your dinner table.

So, get ready to take your taste buds on an exotic journey through some of the most exciting cuisines in the world.

What Comes to Mind When You Think of Mediterranean Food?

Is it the flavorsome ever-popular Greek moussaka? Fresh salads fresh or grilled cheese like Halloumi, colorful vegetables grilled or roasted to perfection, or perhaps dishes with rich tomatoes sauce like the classic Shakshuka?

From the romance of Italy, to the vibrancy of Spain, decadence of France, and melting pot of Israeli cuisine, there are so many unique dishes to be made from the Deli Devi ‘French & Mediterranean Hosting Guide’.

Enjoy a spectacular feast of Mediterranean sharing plates along with hearty main and side dishes for any type of event or just a normal lunch or dinner at home.

Savoring the moment of appreciating the here and now with each bite you take.

Here are just a few to get your taste buds tingling…

65+ Delicious, Plant-Based Mediterranean Dishes to Bring Everyone Together

Once you join us and get access to these recipes, I want you to scroll through and marvel at all the sumptuous dishes including…

Perfect Platters
Leave your basic cheese board at the door, and impress your friends and family with a platter brimming with color and passion. From delicious Greek meze, to Italian antipasto plates and an Israeli board of hearty delights, and so much more…

Flavorsome Appetizers
From middle eastern falafel & Hummus to Greek Dolmas, and Italian Polenta Squares that are sure to delight your guests.
All of them are staple in the Mediterranean, with taste and spice to kickstart every meal with heaps of appetite. And these are just some iconic dishes you will learn how to make.

Delicious Dips & Spreads
Delve into Italian pesto, creamy Greek labneh, Tapenade from Provence for olive lovers, Cashew Cheese style dips and so much more…

Fresh Salads Dripping With Awesomeness
From your classic caesar, moorish grilled halloumi, herby tabbouleh to tomato & mozzarella salad, the creative possibilities are endless with these recipes!…

Tasty Main & Side Dishes
Such as; wholesome vegan shakshuka, indulgent gratin dauphinois, colorful ratatouille, inviting moussaka, aromatic Moroccan chickpea stew and much more!…

Hearty, refreshing or creamy soups
Like rich and gooey French onion soup, Greek red lentil soup, Mediterranean white bean lentil soup, vibrant carrot soup, Gazpacho and many more to choose from!…

Can You Taste the Flavors of the Sunny Mediterranean and French Riviera Already?

Me too!
Which is why I want you to enjoy access to 65 plant-based French & Mediterranean hosting recipes on our online learning platform, which you can access anytime and anywhere with just a click.
This includes lifetime access, updates and new and fresh recipes every week!

Right now, you can unlock your access to this huge recipe collection – for just $19.

Yep, I said $19.
Enjoy a world of 100% plant based with this hosting guide!

And all you have to do is to click the ‘Get Access Now!’ button below…
Join the French and Mediterranean Hosting Guide Today – for just $19!

Discover The Wonders of the French and Mediterranean Lifestyle

Actually a true Mediterranean diet is based on a region’s traditional vegetables, fruits, herbs, beans, nuts, olive oil…
And of course the Incredible cheese (that can be made from plants)
It’s all about eating fresh, wholesome, quality food!
Staying loyal to what’s local and focusing on the highest quality ingredients and simple cooking techniques to preserve the natural flavors and nutritional values.
And… it’s proven to be good for you.
I mean REALLY good for you

According a famous research published in 2017 [1] – the effects of the Mediterranean diet is miraculous. This lifestyle can truly help…

Insanely tasty food, as well as healthy – a win win situation, don’t you think?

There Truly Is a Way to Make Plant-Based Mediterranean Dishes Taste Incredible!

It took me a while to perfect the right way to create plant based versions of the Mediterranean cuisine whilst keeping the same flavorsome taste…
In the end, I came up with SO many creative ways to prepare sharing plates as tasty as the original recipe using special method can can’t be found anywhere else.
My family and friends just loved it,
Every time we were invited over to a family dinner, or even a huge dinner party I got the same request:
“Can you bring some of your delicious tapas?”
“We would love to try the vegan cheese plate again…”
Or just a simple comment like: “Can we come for dinner soon?”
Yes, my crafty plant-based Mediterranean dishes became the center of attention…
Unique, authentic and super rich in flavor – No one missed out on experiencing a slice of the Mediterranean lifestyle!
Within minutes of bringing out one of my favorite appetizers Like or Greek Dolmas (Rice wrapped in grape leaf)  they would all disappear in a swoop.
I mean completely gone.
All that would be left behind was lots of smiling faces, craving more!

Give Us More!

Sounds hard to believe right?

So, I want to prove it to you by sending you a full recipe to my incredible Dolmas, along with full access to 65 plant based recipes from our best-selling library.

You’ll get the yummy recipe for my Greek Dolmas (pictured above), as well as 64 more tasty recipes for plant-based, gluten free and healthy versions of my ultra indulgent French and Mediterranean small plates…

Guaranteed to win over all your guests this year!

Join the French and Mediterranean Hosting Recipe Library Today - for just $19!

So go ahead and click the 'Get Access Now!' button below to claim your free copy of Deli Devi’s French and Mediterranean hosting Recipe Library now…

What Our Customers Say About Us

“Incredible vegan butter that tastes like the real deal, so many innovative cheeses – the truffle has a great texture, great chocolate, plus everything is handmade with love.” – Anita yin
“The owner Jeromine is so sweet and welcoming, you can taste things to see if you like them and everything is truly made with love. If you are into savory, get the cream cheese or feta or smoked cheese…However you can’t go wrong here. Everything is super yummmy yummm” – Dominika Šťastná 
“Their cheeses are simply amazing! The woman in the shop let us taste test pretty much everything before buying and let me tell you it was hard not to buy it all! The truffle and the smoked cheeses were the best in our opinion.” – Hannah Ravnskov

So, Why Am I Giving Away, Almost For Free, My Best & Secret Incredible Recipes?

Whether you’ve been following me on the plant based & healthy cooking journey for a while,
Or this is the first time we’re meeting…
You’ll know my mission is to share the secrets to making the most delicious plant-based dishes with you
…So you can create incredible vegan meals that are great for your soul (and are great for the planet).
Whether you’re just wanting to cut down on your animal product consumption, eat healthier, or enjoy plant-based goodness without giving up on the food you love…
I want to help you make staying on a plant-based diet as easy as possible for you!

Do The Recipes From Deli Devi ACTUALLY Taste Like The Real Thing?

Did you read our reviews above?
Unlike many of the rich, overly filling recipes you may have loved before opting for plant-based alternatives…
Each of the 65 flavorful French and Mediterranean small plates in the Recipe Library taste just as good (or even better) than the REAL THING.
That’s the beauty of the mediterranean cuisine
When I discovered the method to create plant based versions of famous styles of cheese – a whole world had opened up for me.
Allowing me to recreat almost every dish that I can think of – without feeling like something is missing.
Sound too good to be true?
Every year over 10,000 customers who aren’t vegan visit our little deli on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand …
They do it not for the fun atmosphere or refreshing drink – but mostly becuse we are famous for our plant based creations.
Cheese plates & Deli boards that are just soooo… rich and satisfying – that you can’t but say WOW.
Our deli become famous not just around the country, but all around the world.
Positioning us as the go to place for anyone who love to enjoy food – but doesn’t want to compromise on their health or values.
It’s not uncommon to hear from them that our homemade food is “just so amazingly good!”
At first they were hesitant… but now they can’t get enough!
But I don’t want you to simply take my word for it…
Take a look at a few of the reviews customers have recently posted, raving about our freshly made dishes…
For those who appreciate wholehearted art-life, it’s a must come. with delicatessens such as the vegan smoked cheese and other wonderful treats” – Elizabeth Nunes
“LOVE this place!…Everything is fresh and homemade and SO delicious. The girl at the counter is so sweet, recognizes me every time and is always asking how everyone is and chatting a bit. Atmosphere always very chill and they play very good music too.” – Henne Desmet 
“Absolutely amazing!! The cheeses have such great flavor and texture, I was so impressed. I love that the products are healthy and homemade. They are made with some seriously great cheese-making skills. Everyone can easily enjoy them, not only vegans.” – Pushpa Saraswati
As you can see the food in Deli Devi are BOTH delicious, and guilt-free for the planet and your soul.
Which is why Deli Devi recipes make a great addition to any food lover’s kitchen…

You Don’t Have To Be A Michelin Star Chef To Host The Most Amazing French and Mediterranean Dinner Party!

Nobody likes complicated recipes.

Which is why I made sure that all the recipes in Deli Devi are simple, yet unique!

And most of them are super-quick!

Even if you’re a novice in the kitchen, you can still make the irresistible recipes in Deli Devi’ French and Mediterranean Recipe Library.

In fact, I actually get emails and messages all the time from customers who make the huge array of small plates with their small children.

So if a 7 year-old can roll their Dolmas, then I think you have this!

Now, one other concern I hear from customers is about the ingredients.
And specifically about where to get them…

Can I Find All The Ingredients In A Normal Grocery Store?

Living in the beautiful location of Thailand of course has its benefits…
The abundance of fresh fruit being one of them!


Finding the ingredients to make Deli Devi’s yummy French and Mediterranean dishes won’t be a challenge at all!

Since all of the ingredients in the book are plant-based, some of them may be new to you.

…But many of them will already be in your kitchen!

And any ingredients you need to get can be found in a “normal” grocery store or on Amazon.

I know preparing a whole feast of small plates can seem intimidating, but I specifically created the recipes to be indulgent, delicious… and most importantly, simple!

And it’s why I keep getting ecstatic emails like the ones below…

"easy to follow with all the pro-tips, simplified in a bite-size format"


“At Deli Devi, I tasted my first plant-based cheese that tasted like real cheese. I fell in love and I knew I needed to learn how to make it myself.

All the recipes and directions are so easy to follow with all the pro-tips, simplified in a bite-size format.” – Anna


The perfect and delicate Cheeses at Deli Devi always left us with a craving of wanting more of it. So when Jeromine released her masterclass I was the first to sign up.

The course gave me all the knowledge to make as much cheese as I want. Now I live in abundance!

Shani, Israel

65 Mouth-Watering French and Mediterranean Dishes You Can Access Right Now!

With the 65 delicious recipes in the French and Mediterranean Library, you and your loved ones can FINALLY come together and recreate the Mediterranean lifestyle of cooking in your own home!

And it all starts with joining the Recipe Library today.

Including a …

100% Money Back Guarantee If You’re Not Completely Satisfied

Start making ridiculously tasty plant-based cheese today for a one-time payment of only $19!

Prove to yourself that eating healthy and consciously is possible, and doesn’t need to be that hard.

We’re extremely sure that this training will be an incredible boost to your joy of making and experience of eating plant-based food.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with this training – we’ll send you a complete refund, no questions asked.
Here at Deli Devi we are not just a vegan food paradise, we’re inspiring a brighter future – determined to encourage mind, body & spirit optimization!

That’s why I know you’re going to love the 65 delicious and wholesome food gems you’ll find in the French and Mediterranean Recipe Library.

But if at any time in the next 60 days you’re not 100% delighted then you can simply email me and get a FULL refund!

If you’re like most people you’ll never want to be without the indulgent recipes of Deli Devi after trying these truly soul-changing dishes!

My mission is to share my passion for plant-based decadence with you and help you share incredible moments with people over amazing food…

So, if for any reason you’re not totally happy, I want you to feel confident knowing you can reach out to me!

I Want You To FEEL GOOD About The Food That You And Your Family Are Eating

And with the 65 yummy French and Mediterranean small plates in Deli Devi you can do just that.

Our recipes are made with an extra dash of love – no processed ingredients – and all natural!

With offer a gluten free option to any recipe you’ll find in the library
These dishes are perfect for events… Parties…Romantic dinners…
Or just to snack on when you need to remind yourself of your last visit to the Mediterranean.

With a copy of Deli Devi, you’ll be able to whip-up deeply seductive, plant-based dishes that everyone can enjoy.

I want all this for you…and more.

Because life is TOO short to deprive yourself of your favorite foods…

I want you to enjoy all your most desired cravings while supporting a healthy lifestyle and the planet!

Jeromine Navi

PS: I encourage you, don’t delay.
Keep in mind, you’re protected by our 60-day guarantee.

Join the French and Mediterranean Hosting Recipe Library Today - for just $19!

So go ahead and click the 'Get Access Now!' button below to claim your free copy of Deli Devi’s French and Mediterranean hosting Recipe Library now…

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all dishes in the Deli Devi French and Mediterranean hosting Recipe library are 100% vegan.

They’re also all on Amazon, and can definitely be found in health food stores like Whole Foods.

All the recipes in the course are gluten free.

Yes, almost all of the ingredients can be found in regular grocery stores

They’re also all on Amazon, and can definitely be found in health food stores like Whole Foods.
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