Why We Love Plant-based Diets

When it comes to real health, it’s all about longevity.

Better health. Overall better life quality. Renewed vitality and improved mood, digestion, and sleep. The benefits of going plant-based are vast; and in recent years, people all over the globe have gone plant-based. Some simply are adding more vegan or plant-based meals to their life or going fully vegan or vegetarian, realizing eating so much meat is unsustainable.

Plant-based diets are a way of eating that increases overall health, wellness and vitality for many people, as well as being an ethical and mindful way to eat.

With overconsumption and meat production practices creating massive environmental issues worldwide, consciously eating more plant-based and locally can give the environment a break. 

It’s also great for your body and helps to treat most cardiovascular diseases and is an anti-inflammatory diet. The longer you integrate plant-based meals into your usual diet, the better your results will be. Weight loss, less brain fog, overall better energy are a few of the benefits that one can expect when eating plant-based.

Going plant-based or integrating vegan food into your diet can often spotlight on ways you’ve been consuming preservatives and other unnecessary additives. It brings mindfulness to your eating, because you’re being selective about what goes into your body. When you bring mindfulness to how you eat, you realize how your body responds to specific foods. And most of us are in a rush and are not paying attention to how eating certain items actually makes us feel. 

With mindful eating, we pay attention to what gives us energy, what brings us down, what depletes us and what brings us to our highest ability to enjoy life. Eating plant based food is a beginning for many people who want to be more intentional about eating enough vegetables and healthy food in their diets.

It allows you to develop an intuitive sense of what is truly good for your body when it comes to nutrition and more, oftentimes aiding you in sharpening your ability to sense into the more subtle aspects of life. Your body is a vehicle and vessel and the cleaner and healthier it is, the more you can fully receive life.

When you honor your body, it honors you back; and many people who begin to eat plant-based food develop a much better relationship to themselves as a perhaps unexpected natural gift of transforming their eating habits. Bringing intention to eating, it becomes a conscious act of participating in creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself (and maybe your loved ones, too!).

There are many variations on eating plant-based, from fully eliminating animal products (including gelatin from bones and other not-so-known regular additives in everything from tooth paste to jello) from your diet, to vegetarian.

At Deli Devi, everything is plant-based and vegan. Our founder’s passion and commitment to plant-based cuisine stems from a personal desire to do her best for her planet and community. This deep vision for creating an environment where both vegans and meat-lovers alike can enjoy eating healthy, delicious good-for-you plant-based food is how Deli Devi came to be.

Our menu was crafted to combine delicious ingredients together for special dishes that are unforgettable. But for those who are on special diets or need modifications for their overall wellbeing, Deli Devi’s menu is surprisingly adaptable for all.

For vegans, our spot is a veritable playground; there’s not one thing inside that you can’t eat. Which is a big relief when you feel like you constantly need to sort through menus to find something vegan. All of our dishes source their ingredients from local or sustainable sources and are fresh as we can make them. Vegetarians will enjoy our vegan cheeses and dairy products, and we are often told they taste better than “regular” animal products!

For the gluten-free plant based crowd, our offerings are largely gluten free or can be made to be gluten free. We have many substitutions for each dish that allows you to eat and enjoy without worrying about your gluten intolerance ruining your day. You add raw granola to the smoothie bowls, enjoy our platters with gluten-free crackers, and most of our desserts are gluten free (some have a granola crust) such as our brownie and peanut butter balls.

The classical Keto diet brings meat, meat…and more meat to mind. But, being keto and eating a plant-based diet can actually go hand in hand. Ketotarians are a strong and mighty subculture of vegan and vegetarian followers of the keto diet. It’s a large population here on our island, with many travelers and locals frequenting local gyms and a community of people who love to stay fit, build muscle, and also enjoy the food culture here on the island of Koh Phangan.

They get the health benefits of a vegan/vegetarian and plant-based diet and the fat-burning and metabolism-boosting benefits of eating keto. This is also great news for meat eaters, as being on a keto diet doesn’t need to mean that you have to give up your favorite yummy plant-based foods.

Living expansively means being able to enjoy the full offerings of life, and we create many diet-friendly ways you can honor yourself and enjoy delicious sweets, vegan cheeses, and plant-based food.

You can enjoy most of our vegan and raw items with modifications such as monk fruit sweetener, keto granola, and protein powder adds. When it comes to eating plant-based food, there’s many umbrellas underneath that, including raw, keto, sugar-free, gluten-free, organic, vegan and more. Often dishes made with plant-based ingredients are two or more, and are naturally very healthy for the body.

Vegan cheeses made from nuts such as cashews, almonds, or coconut oil provide healthy fats that will enrich your diet. We utilize monk fruit extract for keto-friendly cacao drinks and cacao shots, and in our wide variety of yummy vegan drinks, smoothie bowls, for low sugar diets high in taste. 

Ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff about your options and enjoy your most delicious plant-based treat yet inside our luxurious spot on Koh Phangan whatever your diet may be!